Travel Tuesday: What Happens in Atlantic City… (with Apologies to Vegas)

Unknown-3I had a blast this past weekend.  I joined five girlfriends in Atlantic City to celebrate Lora’s birthday.  It was so much fun in every way and, for me, speaks to the power of good friends. We’ve all been friends for 20+ years and have managed to stay together even though life has taken us in different directions.  At one time, we were all hanging out and partying in NYC; a couple have moved away.  Two are now married with children, but we were all Spinsterlicious this weekend!


We stayed at the Borgata Water Club, the fancy side of the Borgata Hotel. (We’re celebrating a birthday.  We want fancy!)  It’s beautiful in an understated kind of way…meaning that it’s not full of neon and other overdone fixings that some Atlantic City hotels have.  It’s away from the boardwalk, which helps cut down on some of the creepiness.  (C’mon, you know there’s a creepy element to some of those who hang out around the boardwalk.)


We got two adjoining suites so we could all be together, and we needed them because we IMG_1581 IMG_1584started the party early in the rooms.  We needed the two rooms to set up the food and drink.  And, thankfully, the rooms had iPod docks (is that what you call them?) with great speakers, so we could dance to the music from our iPhones.


Unknown-2 IMG_1591We continued the party at Wolgang Puck’s American Grille, where we had a delicious dinner and were served by a most accommodating staff.  The Maitre ‘d even kissed Lora when he learned  we were celebrating her birthday.

I broke my own rule from my book, The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for Living Happily Single and Childfree.    In Chapter 19, I talk about the “importance” of wearing high heels…but only if you can walk in them.  When you can strut in high heels, it’s glam.  When you can’t walk in them, you look like a doofus.  I was a doofus that night because my new heels were a tad large for me so I just clunked along .  It’s okay, though; I had fun anyway.  I also made a note to myself to try out new shoes before I wear them somewhere.

After dinner, we headed to the Comedy Club for a show, after which we found ourselves in the casino.  None of us are serious gamblers but you kinda have to pass through the casino if you’re in Atlantic City, right?   A few in the group won around $100.  I lost $20 and was furious.

We finally made our way back to our rooms where we wound down the celebration with IMG_1597birthday cake.  Lora is a new runner, and we made sure we paid homage to that.

And this is how you know we were in Atlantic City.  Brenda bought a pair of cute sandals for her upcoming trip to Miami.  Another customer in the store wanted the same sandals but the store had no more.  Jokingly, Brenda offered to sell them to the woman at a $50 upcharge.  This lady whipped out a wad of bills,  handed the money IMG_1580to Brenda, and they both left happy.  The store salesclerk was speechless…as was I!

We spent the next morning at the Immersion Spa, which was the perfect way to recuperate from the night before.  We ended the day with brunch and big hugs before we all headed home and back to Unknown-1reality.

There’s nothing better than good friends.  What about you? Do you have long-lasting friendships?  How do they impact your life? Please tell us about how you keep your friendships fresh.

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7 Responses to Travel Tuesday: What Happens in Atlantic City… (with Apologies to Vegas)

  1. dclicious says:

    Love this and the Borgata !!!!! Went with 2 friends right before Christmas. Had a ball!!!! They sent me some free money to spend before the month ends and this motivates me to go back!!!!

    Girlfriend tip–When their is one friend who is central to others make it a point to insure that each has a little private time one on one with that friend. Certainly we’re mature enough that it a problem should not arise. But it’s kind of sweet and considerate.

  2. Dee says:

    I enjoy reading about your girlfriend getaways. Though I do read them with a bit of envy. I too wish I had a solid group of girlfriends, hell, forget the group, I’d love just 2 or 3 who liked to get away and have a bit of fun and hit the spa or whatever. I did recently make a new friend and we’re traveling together this spring for a long weekend. I’m excited about the trip. This will actually be the first trip I’ve ever taken with a friend. In the past, I’ve either traveled alone or my mom has been my travel companion.

    Eleanore, I’d love to read a post with your friendship tips. Do you find that one person always usually initiates trips/get-togethers? Or, is it more of a group effort?

    I usually end up frustrated with trying to organize even the smallest trips with friends. In the past people just haven’t seemed as excited or enthusiastic about going or they don’t have the money. So I just eventually gave up trying. I’d love to read a post dedicated to finding, building and maintaining a solid group of girlfriends. It’s a part of your life that I really admire. Especially because I think you’ve called yourself shy in the past (I think I read that).

    Thanks and I like the idea of a Spinsterlicious event!

  3. Debbie says:

    Oh, I’m so jealous! That sounds like so much fun! I would love to get my girlfriends together for a trip like that…maybe I’ll work on that! Unfortunately, they are either married w/kids or too broke to do it. I couldn’t even get them to go to our 20th high school reunion! Heaven forbid they break away from their families for one night, let alone a long weekend! As I laugh wickedly to myself and think “not me, I’m as FREE as they come”.

  4. Janine says:

    That’s what I love about you, Eleanore – you really know how to have a great time while keeping it classy! I’m sort of living vicariously through you because I’m not always QUITE so classy when I hang with my pals. My closest friends tend to be gay guys in perpetual adolescence, on the one hand (and with Mardi Gras upon us in Sydney, it’s a big month!) and a bunch of old rock’n’rollers (and big boozers) on the other. Both know how to have a great time though, and I love them to bits, but sometimes I do wish just a few of them were more open to your kind of weekend – it’s actually more my style. I vote for a Spinsterlicious convention weekend in Vegas or Atlantic City. What do you say?

    • Eleanore says:

      J: I like that idea. I’m not sure when, but maybe that’s something I should start thinking about. It could be lots of fun! Thanks for the idea

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