Ann Curry…The Last Laugh?

This post isn’t about being single, but it is about being a woman because I really think if the main character in this story had been a man, the folks in charge would have figured out a better way to handle the whole situation.

UnknownRemember when Ann Curry got fired from the Today Show this past summer?  Of course you do.  We all do.  (But in case you somehow don’t, here’s one link –of the thousands out there– that can bring you up to speed: )


It was a mess.  It certainly didn’t have to be.  It shouldn’t have been.  People get fired every day.  How could the bigwigs at NBC screw this up so very badly?


At the time, every day for a week or two, seemingly every tv news and talk show, and every online outlet reported the story of Ann’s impending firing while she continued to show up to work every dang day! It had to have been horrible, yet Ann was a real trooper.  I remember many years ago when I suspected I might be fired from a job I hated.  After a few days of having that ball of anxiety in the pit of my stomach while waiting for the firing to happen, I gave up.  I came in that weekend and cleaned out my desk in that proverbial, “Eff it.  You can’t fire me.  I quit” kind of way.  Of course, Ann had a contract and I didn’t, but I still don’t think I could have done what she did, which was show up every day and do her job.  I think I would have called in sick.  And it wouldn’t have been a lie because this was sickening.


I am not a huge fan of Ann’s.  My sister and I make fun of what we consider to be her cloying interviewing style.  So when I first heard the rumors that she was going to have to leave, I thought “Yeah, that’s probably the right move.”  But I teared up as I watched her cry while she said “goodbye” and apologized to her fans on her last day.


imagesShe caught a little flak for crying but I’m glad she cried. It was heartfelt and had to have made the powerful (male) brigade at NBC squirm.  It reminded all the people with their hands in this mess that this is a real human being they treated so poorly, and not just a ratings number.


images-1And here we are six months or so later.  The Today Show blamed Ann for their low ratings, but their ratings are still down.  And Matt Lauer is now doing his “apology tour.”  He is giving interviews about how he’s sorry it went down that way. (Click here for a gossipy take on the whole situation).


During the summer fiasco, Matt was always whispered about as the reason Ann had to go. Some of it seemed so personal.   Supposedly he didn’t like her, they didn’t have chemistry, he didn’t like her style (i.e.,  her clothes, her voice, the way she conducted interviews). Matt is a powerful man at The Today Show.  Or at least, he was.  Karma’s a b****, isn’t it?

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4 Responses to Ann Curry…The Last Laugh?

  1. Carolyn B says:

    I am an Ann Curry fan and am graitified to hear that NBC and its employees are getting flak for that horrible move against who I think is a great reporter/interviewer.

  2. Riversider says:

    Who even watches Today? I gave up on it years ago when it became Entertainment Tonight. “What’s the fashion-forward pet wearing this season? We’ll have the answer when we return — here, on Today.”

  3. Renee says:

    They gave her a 5 minute goodbye after 15 years. Ann Curry is a class act, she deserved better. Needles to say, that show is not on my morning line up anymore.

  4. Goddiva says:

    Karma is THAT b!@h and her memory is loooonnnggg! Gee, but to hear Matt’s “they’re being mean to me” when he is rumored to have been the play ground bully, Makes me think that having his pepto bismol pink ruffled panties in a bunch caused him to act out!

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