“Fab Friday Favs”: Lips, Hips, & Whips

In my reader survey recently, a number of respondents expressed a desire to see more product reviews and more posts about things and experiences I enjoy.  So, today, we kick off the first of what I hope will be regular blog posts about things I come across that make me smile.  It’ll be called “Fab Friday Finds.”



  • In the past month or so, I’ve encountered 3-4 women at different social events who were all wearing a beautiful matte red lipstick.  Their lips –and, therefore, the rest of their face– looked so good that I asked each one what brand of lipstick she was wearing.  What a surprise to learn that they were all wearing the same one.  Given how many red lipsticks exist in the world, what are the chances that each woman was wearing the same?  And, yet, they were.  Clearly I had to have it.  This was too much of a coincidence.  So I dashed over to the MAC Cosmetics store in my neighborhood and picked up a tube of Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick.  Red red lipstick is special.  It announces “confidence,” “a little sass,” and definitely “not boring.”  I can’t wait to wear it.
Hips, I
  • There’s a Thai restaurant in my neighborhood with a really awkward name: Regional Thai & Mex Margarita Bar.  I don’t hold the name against them because their food is so good.  My favorite meal there is a lunchbox special with chicken Tom-Yum soup, a dumpling-type appetizer, multi-grain rice, roasted salmon and grilled pork.  I eat there every week or two.  Recently, one of the waiters teased me that I never order dessert.  I told him it’s because their desserts all seem weird to me, with ingredients that don’t seem to really go together.  He convinced me to try the Sticky Rice & Coconut Ice Cream.  It’s topped with peanuts.  It sounded horrible.  Why would I want rice in my ice cream?  He promised not to charge me if I didn’t like it.  No chance of that.  It’s now one of my favorite new desserts.  It is soooo good.  If you’re in a Thai restaurant and see it on the menu, you gotta try it.  This is in the Hips section because if I eat this stuff as often as I’d like to,  mine are going to spread.


Hips, II

  • So, this next favorite product is also filed under Hips for a reason that will be obvious in just a minute.  I’m not really sure how to set this one up, so I’m just going to go for it.  My sister, Phyllis, fell in like with a product she heard about on the Dr Oz Show and wouldn’t stop talking about it.  It’s called Just A Drop. It eliminates bathroom odors when you poop.  Here’s how it works:  (1) Squeeze “just a drop” of the liquid into the toilet bowl, (2) sit down and do your thing, (3) flush, (4) sniff.  No odor.  Honestly.  Just a minty-eucalyptusy smell in the air.  I like it so much that I use it even when I don’t have to.



  • Whips is slang for a nice car.  This next new favorite thing isn’t really about cars but it is about a mode of transportation: wheelchairs.  There’s a reality show on The Sundance Channel called Push Girls.  It’s about five young women, all paralyzed, all spending the rest of their lives in wheelchairs.  I find them to be so inspiring.  These women have full lives, doing just about everything the rest of us do…except they’re locked into those chairs and will never walk.  But that has not slowed them down.  The other day I was being whiny about how much “my knee hurt.”  In retrospect, my complaining seemed a little much.  With so many trashy reality shows on TV, I’m so happy to have found this one, which is uplifting, not embarrassing.


So,…what do you think of my Fab Friday Finds?

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6 Responses to “Fab Friday Favs”: Lips, Hips, & Whips

  1. Eleanore, I love your finds. I, too, have purchased the Ruby Woo and think I like it. It is bold and I am anxious to dress up and wear it. Also, thanks alot for identifying me with the “just a drop” although I must say it is a great product and does just what it says. However, I was along for one of your trips to the Thai restaurant and fell in love with the sticky rice/cocunut treat, you could have mentioned me there but no i get the poop connection (smile).

  2. Carolyn B says:

    I was going to skip the article all together because I’m not one for ads or endorsements, etc. But I skimmed and found Push Girls. Since I’m a wheelchair user also, I like this endorsement.

    • Carolyn: I’m glad you stuck with it. Just so you know, my Finds are not ads, technically; they are just things I like. I will always tell readers when it’s a paid endorsement. These are not. I hope you find Push Girls as inspiring as I do.

  3. Denise says:

    Dear Eleanore
    Love your Fab Friday Finds. You know where I am heading to – Mac counter for Ruby Woo Retro Matte Lipstick! Do try the sticky rice (mix with coconut milk) with Mango, one of my favorite!
    Will have to try “just a drop”, as for TV, maybe, TV has not been on for weeks.
    H&K Denise

    • Eleanore says:

      Denise: I think the Ruby Woo will look great on you! Re: the sticky rice and coconut, the waiter also tried to get me to try that one. Next time…

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