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Single? Adventure is Yours!

One of the first chapters of my book, The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for Living Happily Single and Childfree is about my belief in the importance for spinsters and single women everywhere to maintain a sense of adventure.  We are unencumbered and free from many of the responsibilities that wives and mothers have, and we … Continue reading

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Yes! A Spinsterlicious, Luscious Life: Radio Interview

Last week I had a fun radio interview with Yolanda Shoshana on her Luscious Life radio show about making the most of your single life…if you’re single just for the time being or forever. Either way, it oughta be a good one!   Please listen in and check back here to leave a comment. You know … Continue reading

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The New Single Girl?

Minted is a new online magazine that empowers women in their careers and lives. They’re running an article in the Spring issue on The New Single Girl featuring ME!  (Click here, to read it; you’ll have to scroll over to page 58). After reading it, I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please come back to The … Continue reading

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SY-Guy: Spinsterlicious Man of the Month!

 My good friend, who calls himself SY Guy, makes a good living as a Strategic Planner in the communications business and he has, apparently, learned to be pretty strategic in his love life, as well.  Here’s why I say this… in his own words: Why I Appreciate Woman-Drama (The SY-Guy View) She told her friend on … Continue reading

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Love in the Time of Texts

I love texting.   I’m not sure somebody my age is supposed to love texting, if I judge it by the number of my comrades who I hear complaining about it.   To me, they sound a lot like the stereotypical codger who complained about those new-fangled horseless carriages, and whatever names they had for other emerging … Continue reading

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Divorcee, as Status

Many years ago I worked with a woman who was also a Spinster.  She seemed to have quite an interesting life, with lots of romances and the jewelry to prove it.  I wouldn’t have done it quite the way she did because in most cases she was an “important” man’s mistress and that’s not my thing.  … Continue reading

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Spinsterlicious Shoe of the Week: Prelude to a New Mood

I left work the other day, exhausted.  We’ve been super-busy for awhile and working late and then collapsing into bed was starting to become my norm and I’m not at all happy about that.  Every weekday should have a distinct cut-off period when work is done for the day, followed by several hours of “whatever I … Continue reading

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Angie’s “Ambivalently Spinsterlicious” Shoe-of-the-Week

What does Angie Hancock –marketing executive, entrepreneur, babe-about-town, and good friend– think of Spinsterlicious-ness?  Not much.  It’s not for her.   In her own words: Is it ok not to be “Spinsterlicious”?  I have a cool life.  I have wonderful family and friends who care about me (check).   I have a job (check), and my own … Continue reading

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What to Give a Spinster for Christmas??

What to give a Spinster for Christmas?   Maybe nothing.   Every year, in the middle of the Christmas season, I’m somewhat amused by the multitudes of Gift Guides I see everywhere –in newspapers, magazines, online, handouts in stores– designed to help us choose “the perfect” gift for the people on our list.    I’m always struck by … Continue reading

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Dressing for Air Travel Without Losing Your Mind (Or Getting Arrested)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave lately, you’re probably aware of the uproar around the new screening procedures at U.S. airports.  Thanks to the ever-growing threat of would-be terrorists hiding bombs in their clothing, the TSA continues to intensify security procedures for anybody who wants to get on a plane. This is the most personal … Continue reading

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Linda Ricci, Spinsterlicious Lady, Has an Online Dating Story…or Two

Linda Ricci, witty lady, dating champ, and brave enough to escape corporate America to do lots of fascinating things, including starting her own line of  awesome jewelry and blogging about the intersection of technology, strategy, and psychology:  Today, she’s sharing her thoughts on a few of her online dating adventures.   Online dating is one … Continue reading

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Indulging in Holiday Festitivities and Still Fitting Into My Clothes

Since the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my holiday party schedule has kicked into high gear. By January 1, I’ll be happily exhausted…and just happy it’s over.  The holiday season with all the parties and socializing is always fun, but it’s no way for a grown woman to live on a regular basis.  I no longer try to … Continue reading

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The Airport Meet/Meat Market?

I’ve been traveling a lot for business lately and I’m spending way too much time in airports.  It seems that flights these days rarely take off when they’re supposed to.  Much of my travel is between NYC and Chicago, two super-busy travel hubs and I’ve learned to just assume there’s going to be a big delay.   … Continue reading

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The Joys of High-Ish Heels | Women’s Voices For Change

A piece I wrote for another site. Is it too much to ask for shoes to look good AND feel good?? The Joys of High-Ish Heels | Women’s Voices For Change

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