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Can You Say Your Mate is Fat?

Several years ago, one of my best friends, Charlotte, gained quite a bit of weight. Although we talk about everything, I watched her get bigger and bigger but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t think I was supposed to.   Every television talk show  has had an episode where people were admonished  for bringing up a … Continue reading

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Birthday Girl

Today is my birthday.  I love a birthday.  It’s my excuse to up the ante on food and drink and other festivities for a couple of weeks.  I usually have some sort of gathering to celebrate, but with the busy lives we all have, of course, all the invitees can’t make it.  Those who can’t make … Continue reading

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I’m hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year.  Here in my tiny NYC apartment several friends will gather at around 4p to feast, drink, laugh, and be thankful.   I’m doing the dinner the best way I know how: A Fresh Direct Thanksgiving!   Yay!!   Fresh Direct prepares and delivers an entire Thanksgiving dinner to your door!  That’s right: veggies, … Continue reading

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Sometimes Being Single Sucks

As you know, I like being single.  But sometimes being single sucks. And when I say “single”, I don’t mean “not married”, I mean “not in a relationship”.  I never think being unmarried sucks, but I do like having a boyfriend. Right now is one of those times when I’m less than thrilled about being single.  … Continue reading

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Girl Scout Cookies and Other Woes

It’s that time of year again.   Makes me almost want to go into hiding.   Every year about this time I am harassed by some kid’s parent who is selling stuff I don’t need or want. Right now it’s Girl Scout Cookies, but in a few minutes it’ll be wrapping paper -or- chocolate bars -or- … Continue reading

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Travel Feeds My Soul

There are few things I enjoy more than traveling.  That might be the reason I go to work every day; so I can fund my next trip.  I want to go everywhere.  Last weekend I went to London…just for the weekend!   So cool and so fun. I got in at 7a Saturday morning.  The Boy met … Continue reading

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Child-free… or Just Free? | Women’s Voices For Change

Child-free… or Just Free? | Women’s Voices For Change Above, an article I posted on another site: Women’s Voices for Change

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Wedding Dreaming

Kleinfeld’s –a popular store in my neighborhood– has the largest selection of designer and couture wedding dresses (or so they say). It’s located a block from my apartment building so I pass it often.  When I’m walking my dog on the weekends, I usually pass a few brides-to-be with their moms/aunts/grandmothers or friends/wedding party. Occasionally there’s … Continue reading

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A Boy in London

So, I’m off to London today to visit a boy.  We’ve dated off-and-on for about 10 years, never really seriously, but always finding our way back to each other.  We like each other.  We get along and like to do a lot of the same things. But we always drift apart, usually my fault (“hey, who’s … Continue reading

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You Still Single???

I’ve had a few conversations with fellow Spinsters about appropriate responses to the question “why aren’t you married?”  I get asked that a lot, and lots of other women I know do, too.  I’m a little bemused about the double standard here because, while most people think it’s perfectly acceptable to ask someone why they’re single, … Continue reading

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Uh-Oh. I Might Be a Hypocrite

About a month ago, a woman I used to work with wanted to introduce me to her friend, a “nice guy who’s really fun”, according to her.  He did sound good.  Apparently handsome, educated in “good schools” (for whatever that’s worth), gainfully employed, great sense of humor, nice to his mother.  Sounded like a real gem.  … Continue reading

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The Magic Baby

I’ve lived in the same building for 20 years.  A fellow Spinster has lived in my building for about that same amount of time.  A dour, unfriendly, even rude Spinster (the opposite of Spinsterlicious).  She would look through me in the elevator, pretended not to hear when I greeted her, and refused to join in the … Continue reading

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Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week 11/04

I was going to another damn wedding.  (Weddings can be boring).  Not that I wasn’t delighted for the happy couple, but they wouldn’t give me a +1, so I had to go alone.  I hate when people won’t let me bring a date to their wedding and I hate going to most weddings alone.  I would … Continue reading

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Making Hannah Spinsterlicious

My friend, Hannah, is a Spinster like me.  Unlike me, though, she really hates it.  It makes me a little sad that she does, because I think she’s got a pretty good life in so many respects.   She’s cute (some guys even say “hot”), has an active social life, a good-paying full-time job, and a side … Continue reading

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