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Six-Month Round-up

It’s been six months since The Spinsterlicious Life was born.  I was so nervous.  I had never blogged before, and am not especially tech savvy so I wasn’t sure that I wouldn’t make a mess of the whole thing.  I started the blog because I’ve written a book with the same name, a cross between a … Continue reading

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18 Random Things About Me

Occasionally I get an email from a “reader friend” who expresses curiosity about me, so I thought I’d do a variation of a Facebook Notes thingy that asks people to share with their friends random facts about themselves.  I think you’re supposed to do 25; all I have is 18.  Here goes:  I’m a really lousy … Continue reading

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Short Stint As An Advice Columnist

 Ms. Ann Landers, the Queen of All Advice Columnists I am not related to Ann Landers, but for some reason, I am often asked by young women for my advice on life and love.  It’s flattering because it means that they admire something I’ve done and think I must know what I’m talking about.   Most of … Continue reading

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Oh No! I Think I Pissed Off Gayle King!

Damn.  I think I pissed Gayle off.  That was not my intention.  And I probably didn’t actually piss her off; I don’t matter enough to her to be able to do that, but I do think I gave her a WTF moment.   Here’s what happened.  I was writing a post for this blog and The Gayle King … Continue reading

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Married on Facebook

This past Sunday, the New York Times ran an  article on the way people manage their relationship status on Facebook, including what it means when they update their status from, say,  single to married back to single to “it’s complicated, and back again. According to them, “Facebook is a world unto itself with more than a … Continue reading

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