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Yes! A Spinsterlicious, Luscious Life: Radio Interview

Last week I had a fun radio interview with Yolanda Shoshana on her Luscious Life radio show about making the most of your single life…if you’re single just for the time being or forever. Either way, it oughta be a good one!   Please listen in and check back here to leave a comment. You know … Continue reading

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Real-Life Fairy Tales

  As you probably know, many of the followers of The Spinsterlicious Life are single because they choose to be. Others, however, are more reluctantly single. They would like to be married but it just hasn’t worked out for them…either a first-time go at it or a marriage that came to a premature end. Some of … Continue reading

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Married on Facebook

This past Sunday, the New York Times ran an  article on the way people manage their relationship status on Facebook, including what it means when they update their status from, say,  single to married back to single to “it’s complicated, and back again. According to them, “Facebook is a world unto itself with more than a … Continue reading

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Asha’s Getting Married!

My friend, Asha, got engaged over the New Year’s holiday and I’m pretty excited about it.  Not excited in a “Oooh, she got a man and now’s gonna have a big ole wedding” kinda of way, but more in a “this is great…a well thought-out, grown-up decision” kind of way.   She might still have a big … Continue reading

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