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Paraphrasing Lionel Richie: Once, Twice, Three Times A …Bride?!

A couple of months ago I went to the wedding of a close friend.  It was a small-ish affair and quite lovely.  We were blessed with beautiful weather, the vibe amongst the guests was friendly, the food was bountiful, and the music was good.  The pre-wedding reception was pleasant. Still, I felt a little weird.  At … Continue reading

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A Woman and Her Six Husbands

The other day, I saw a guy on TV who was promoting his new book, “The Six Husbands Every Woman Should Have.”  I stopped what I was doing to have a look and listen.  Geez, if I’d known I should have six husbands, marriage might have been more appealing to me.  It was the whole finding-one-and-till-death-do-us-part … Continue reading

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