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Spinsterlicious Shoe of the Week: Prelude to a New Mood

I left work the other day, exhausted.  We’ve been super-busy for awhile and working late and then collapsing into bed was starting to become my norm and I’m not at all happy about that.  Every weekday should have a distinct cut-off period when work is done for the day, followed by several hours of “whatever I … Continue reading

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Spinsterlicious Shoe of the Week: Did He Cheat?

I was in a very long line at Whole Foods, having stopped in after work to pick up what would pass for dinner.   The “express” line was the longest line I’ve ever seen in my entire life, so I got in the regular line even though I only had a couple of things: light yogurt and … Continue reading

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Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week 11/04

I was going to another damn wedding.  (Weddings can be boring).  Not that I wasn’t delighted for the happy couple, but they wouldn’t give me a +1, so I had to go alone.  I hate when people won’t let me bring a date to their wedding and I hate going to most weddings alone.  I would … Continue reading

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The Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week

I’m into shoes. (See earlier posting “The Joy of High Heels). I care way more about the shoes I’m wearing than any outfit. In fact, I usually get dressed from the bottom up: what shoes do I want to wear –> what goes with them? Here’s my Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week story: I was on a second date … Continue reading

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