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Cool Spinsters We Love!

About a year ago, a guy I often see while walking my dog said to me, somewhat apologetically, that he thinks “women who’ve never been married are kinda sad” .  I chuckled…until I realized he was serious.   He’s going through a divorce so I decided to cut him some slack.  I merely asked him if … Continue reading

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In Honor of Nora Ephron…with Thanks to Dove

  I’m a huge fan of Nora Ephron, who we lost recently.  Fortunately her wise and witty words will be with me forever. Just about everything she said and wrote is one of my favorites, but one of my favorite favorites is the chapter On Maintenance from her book I Feel Bad About My Neck.  She … Continue reading

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Paraphrasing Lionel Richie: Once, Twice, Three Times A …Bride?!

A couple of months ago I went to the wedding of a close friend.  It was a small-ish affair and quite lovely.  We were blessed with beautiful weather, the vibe amongst the guests was friendly, the food was bountiful, and the music was good.  The pre-wedding reception was pleasant. Still, I felt a little weird.  At … Continue reading

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I’m Getting Older. Should I Be Worried?

  Lately, I seem to be inundated with articles about how hard and sad and pathetic my “golden years” are going to be. As a single woman with no kids (a spinster), I, apparently, am due for a pretty bleak existence as I get older.  According to these articles, I’m going to be lonely and broke, … Continue reading

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How Many Ways to Be Single? (A Guest Post)

Lately, my dear friend, Debra, has been thinking a lot about the many single women she knows, the ways they are single (e.g., never married, divorced, single moms) and what it all means.   Here, let her tell you… In her own words: Last week two very similar things happened virtually simultaneously. While talking on the … Continue reading

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Wedding Survival Tips

  I’m wasting a perfectly good Saturday this weekend to attend a wedding.  I always have such mixed feelings about these things.  The bride and groom are good friends of mine and I’m happy they’ve found each other (a success story), but weddings usually bore me:  it’s like watching the same play over and over, … Continue reading

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Two Weekends in a Spinsterlicious Life

Oh, the Spinsterlicious Life.  It’s a mixture of all things good and interesting in life…and delightful juxtapositions.   Weekend #1 Last weekend, I spent some time with three fab single ladies and it was just refreshing to see each of them doing their own thing, having crafted pretty nice lives for themselves.  I see this all … Continue reading

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A Good Reason to Get Married (File Under “Catty Comment”)

  I seriously hate exercise.  All my life I’ve been waiting for that pill that would allow me to eat what I want, as often as I want, and sprawl on the couch as long as I want without gaining a pound or negatively impacting my health.  I think working out should be something I have … Continue reading

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(Why) Is “Spinster” A Four-Letter Word?

  I am a single woman with no kids. I’ve been that way all my life. It’s by choice, so it’s a fine place to be. Eons ago, I would have been called a spinster. Or an old maid.  Old Maid sounds much too heavy, plus I’m reminded of the card game of the same name … Continue reading

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Divorce Envy

Sometimes I am jealous of divorced women. Oh, not for the reason you might think; not because they’ve had at least one husband and I’ve had none. I feel jealous of divorced women because they have more social capital than I do. They exist on a higher rung on society’s status ladder than I do because … Continue reading

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Ode to Helen Gurley Brown: R.I.P., Sexy!

Helen Gurley Brown died today.  Here’s a re-print of a post I wrote about her earlier this year: Helen Gurley Brown turned 90 this past February 18.  I discovered her when I was a teenager and became an instant fan. She was a woman ahead of her time; I hadn’t heard another woman with her message. … Continue reading

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25 Things: 2011 Year in Review

A number of blogs are posting the answers to this “25 Things” questionnaire and linking to each other.      Hilarity in Shoes is one of them.  It’s kinda fun to read others’ responses.  Here’s mine…which I think, alas, may be a little dull.  I’m hoping it’s dull because I have a lousy memory, and not because … Continue reading

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Wigging It…For When I Need Backup

When it comes to looks, my stance has always been, “I gotta work with what God gave me.”  (Unspoken was, “and you should, too,” as I looked somewhat askance at women with fake boobs and bad hair weaves.) But when I hated all my photos from a fancy party I attended recently, I acknowledged that what … Continue reading

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Is He Really Your Boyfriend?

I had an awkward conversation a few weeks ago with a friend of mine.  She’s “seeing” a man who she pretends is her boyfriend, although he is not.  In my opinion, he’s a guy she hangs out with and sometimes sleeps with.  He’s recently divorced and told her that, though he likes her, he has no … Continue reading

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