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25 Things: 2011 Year in Review

A number of blogs are posting the answers to this “25 Things” questionnaire and linking to each other.      Hilarity in Shoes is one of them.  It’s kinda fun to read others’ responses.  Here’s mine…which I think, alas, may be a little dull.  I’m hoping it’s dull because I have a lousy memory, and not because … Continue reading

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Why I’m Done With Online Dating!

I think online dating is fantastic, in theory. In practice it’s a lot more tricky.  When online dating first appeared, it had a stigma attached.  It was weird.  Creepy even.  I recall that a handsome successful guy I knew was doing it when online dating was in its infancy and I remember thinking “what’s wrong with … Continue reading

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Child-free…or Just Free? (An Oldie-But-Goodie)

I am a “woman of a certain age”.  (Love that expression; it says everything…and not much at all).  Never married, no kids.  Spinsterlicious.  And I’ve got a pretty fantastic life.  I’m pretty good at dating and I have a nice career running my own consumer research and strategy company that has brought me a vacation home, … Continue reading

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I Shouldn’t Love This Show, Should I?

One of my newest favorite tv shows is Snapped, on the Oxygen network. My sister turned me on to it. I was laid up with a cold on Sunday and came across a Snapped marathon while I was channel-surfing.  Each episode is a profile of a murder case where the killer is a woman.   Each year, … Continue reading

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Who Are These Women???

I am so glad I don’t have a daughter.   Why?   Well… I know that I would be mostly responsible for raising her, teaching her values, and being her favorite role model but I wouldn’t be able to control it all…not 100%.  Just like I did when I was young, one day she would look … Continue reading

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My First Published Magazine Article (Yay!)

A few month’s ago, I received an email from an editor at Woman’s Day magazine.  She came across my blog and found its content and tone “interesting”.  She, like many people, thought it unusual that a woman who could be married was okay with being single. Because she likes to present different points-of-view in the magazine, … Continue reading

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Is Boredom A Good Reason For Divorce?

A good friend and regular reader of The Spinsterlicious Life sent me an article (Thanks, Candice) about the growing number of women who are leaving their marriages because they are “bored“.  That’s right.  According to the article (that I’ve re-titled Boredom-Driven Divorce), adultery and money issues are no longer the major reason for divorce; “growing apart” is…a … Continue reading

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