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“Travel Tips” Tuesday: Lori’s Cuba

My friend, Lori, and I have an ongoing lighthearted disagreement about being single.  She likes to say “I’m not Spinsterlicious because I don’t like being single.”  I always laugh because whether she likes being single or not, the reality is that she is.  Whether single by choice or circumstance, I believe a woman owes herself a … Continue reading

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A Vacation Alone. Fun or Daunting.

As I sit here waiting for Hurricane Irene to hit, I think about how unusual this all is for NYC.  The last time I was worried about a hurricane I was in Mexico on vacation. And then I started thinking about my love for travel, in general.  And then I was reminded of how I need … Continue reading

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What Inspires Me? Right Now, A Contest.

This is a bit of a different kind of post.  AOL is running a promotion with Jeep® as part of its Life is Legendary ( campaign, saluting single women who are living inspired lives and embracing their freedom, achievements, and the journey.   The topic is What Inspires Me. One of the things that inspire me … Continue reading

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Three Spinsters in Idaho

I am spending a glorious, long Memorial Day weekend on a beautiful ranch in New Meadows, Idaho…which, on a map, looks like it’s truly in the middle of nowhere. After flying into Boise, it’s a 3-hour drive through mountains, along lakes, white rapids, and winding roads. Vita, my traveling companion and fellow Spinster, wondered if Lin … Continue reading

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There is No Debate

What does Charlee– marketing communications whiz and long-time friend– think of all this single vs. married talk?  Well…I’ll let her tell you: In Charlee’s words: Ok, I understand it.  I have often indulged in it.  I’ve probably heard every angle and argument for both sides of the issue.  So it should be no surprise when I … Continue reading

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To Sex -or- Not To Sex?

As I’m writing this, I’m a little amused that my girlfriends and I are still discussing when to have sex with a new guy. But the other night, I had a long conversation with a good friend who was near tears because the man she slept with a couple of weeks ago has not called since. … Continue reading

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Dressing for Air Travel Without Losing Your Mind (Or Getting Arrested)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave lately, you’re probably aware of the uproar around the new screening procedures at U.S. airports.  Thanks to the ever-growing threat of would-be terrorists hiding bombs in their clothing, the TSA continues to intensify security procedures for anybody who wants to get on a plane. This is the most personal … Continue reading

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The Airport Meet/Meat Market?

I’ve been traveling a lot for business lately and I’m spending way too much time in airports.  It seems that flights these days rarely take off when they’re supposed to.  Much of my travel is between NYC and Chicago, two super-busy travel hubs and I’ve learned to just assume there’s going to be a big delay.   … Continue reading

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Travel Feeds My Soul

There are few things I enjoy more than traveling.  That might be the reason I go to work every day; so I can fund my next trip.  I want to go everywhere.  Last weekend I went to London…just for the weekend!   So cool and so fun. I got in at 7a Saturday morning.  The Boy met … Continue reading

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