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Her Husband, The Jerk

Last weekend I went to a dear friend’s birthday party. It was held in her big, fabulous house in the suburbs.  It being in the suburbs is relevant only because that’s where I’m most likely to find parties made up of all couples…and me. Actually there were two other single women there, but we were a … Continue reading

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How Many Ways to Be Single? (A Guest Post)

Lately, my dear friend, Debra, has been thinking a lot about the many single women she knows, the ways they are single (e.g., never married, divorced, single moms) and what it all means.   Here, let her tell you… In her own words: Last week two very similar things happened virtually simultaneously. While talking on the … Continue reading

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(Why) Is “Spinster” A Four-Letter Word?

  I am a single woman with no kids. I’ve been that way all my life. It’s by choice, so it’s a fine place to be. Eons ago, I would have been called a spinster. Or an old maid.  Old Maid sounds much too heavy, plus I’m reminded of the card game of the same name … Continue reading

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To Sex -or- Not To Sex (An Oldie But Goodie)

Within the past month, I received emails from two different women who were concerned (well, one was actually beside herself) that a man they had recently met had not called them after they slept together.  Both were wondering what to do and I had a lively discussion with one over the phone, later, over whether it … Continue reading

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A Had-to-Happen Love Story? -or- The Ultimate Betrayal?

The title of this post sounds like it belongs to a romantic drama on the Lifetime Channel, doesn’t it?  And it kinda is, except it’s not a movie, it’s real life…and Lordy, I sure hope the woman I’m writing about doesn’t know about my blog. (Could be awkward).  Anyway, my (distant) cousin is happily married to … Continue reading

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Is He Really Your Boyfriend?

I had an awkward conversation a few weeks ago with a friend of mine.  She’s “seeing” a man who she pretends is her boyfriend, although he is not.  In my opinion, he’s a guy she hangs out with and sometimes sleeps with.  He’s recently divorced and told her that, though he likes her, he has no … Continue reading

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Spinsterlicious? Yep

 The Spinsterlicious Life; my musings about the realities and joys of being single, child-free, and not mad about it.   Here’s how this whole thing  got started.  I ran into a woman I knew from years ago at a party and before I could answer “How are you doing”, she asked me “Are you married, yet”?   I’m … Continue reading

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