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Last week I attended‘s annual presentation of its survey results on single life in the USA. I went, not so much that I care a lot about the survey findings, but because it was hosted by my friend, Sherri Langburt of Single Edition Media, and her team always puts on a fun event. And this one was no exception. It was held at Toshi’s Living Room in the Flatiron Hotel in NYC, and the cocktails were flowing, compliments of Van Gogh Vodka. I got to mingle and catch up with many of my fellow singles bloggers and meet other interesting folks who are active in this “singles” space, including Mandy Stadtmiller of XOJane, who has a wicked sense of humor.


The 2014 Singles in America survey results were presented and discussed by a panel of folks with dating on their minds: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton, Dr. Helen Fisher – Chief Scientific Advisor for, Leading Sex Expert Dr. Emily Morse and Cosmopolitan’s Sex & Relationship Editor Anna Breslaw.


While I often look at surveys like this with more than a hint of skepticism (because they seem self-serving and I always wonder if the results are slanted in their favor), I offer a glimpse of a few of the findings:


-51% of people have imagined a future together on the first date (not that it worked out, but that they fantasized about it).


– Texting: men don’t want more than one text from a woman if they haven’t responded to an earlier one; women don’t want a sexy selfie from the guy.


– Most people don’t want sex every day.


During the Q&A, Patti Stanger told me that if I wanted to find a man, I should grow my hair and look in the suburbs. She might be right on the second point (lots of divorced guys there). I’m completely dismissing her first point. Any guy who thinks my hair needs to be different clearly is not the guy for me.


Here’s a link to the live stream of the panel discussion:


And Happy Valentine’s Day, my sweets!


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5 Responses to Fun With #SinglesInAmerica

  1. Marie says:

    Hi Eleanor!

    I thought that was you in the audience :). Honestly, I do like the show Millionaire Matchmaker and enjoy Patti Stanger. However, I don’t subscribe to everything that she says. As far as your hair or women who wear their hair like yours, I agree with you, don’t change a thing. Although her clients are generally White Men who have White Women in mind, which is why she repeats what they say…(straight hair to run their fingers through) nonetheless, I would dismiss that portion if you are a Black Woman who wears her hair naturally. As much as I waned to like that discussion, I was not feeling it. I feel that Patti could have done a better job as the host and I really wanted to hear more of Dr. Helen Fischer. In all, it looks like you had a good time and yes, the suburbs are filled with some great single guys.

  2. Judy says:

    Isn’t this a blog dedicated to the joys of single hood? I have wondered before, and I wonder now, why this would be a topic. I have seen sponsorship by dating services on the site, but I gave that a pass as nothing much runs without money. But come on, I really am past dating advice as I love my single life. I just skim along your blogs util something that rings true or enhances my spinsterhood is posted. I do love Patti Stanger’s new nose- just beautiful!

    • Eleanore says:

      Hi, Gin2Rex: Some are “past dating” but there are others who love being single and still like to date. I include myself in that group. There are so many ways to be single and The Spinsterlicious Life celebrates them all.

  3. Dee says:

    “During the Q&A, Patti Stanger told me that if I wanted to find a man, I should grow my hair…”

    Oh please! I despise dating advice like this! It’s SO hypocritical. They say “be yourself,” but “change X.” Why would you want to attract someone by being something you’re not?!

    I also wouldn’t take advice from Ms. Singer. I’ve seen clips of her show and I’ll remain single the rest of my days before I tried her methods.

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