Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week 11/04

I was going to another damn wedding.  (Weddings can be boring).  Not that I wasn’t delighted for the happy couple, but they wouldn’t give me a +1, so I had to go alone.  I hate when people won’t let me bring a date to their wedding and I hate going to most weddings alone.  I would think they would want their guests to be comfortable…and not going alone is what makes me comfortable.  Yeah, I get that they don’t want to pay for a maybe-boyfriend since he’s not your husband but you know what: they’re paying for somebody’s husband/wife that they don’t know, cousins they don’t like, and couples that will soon break up.  Anyway, I wasn’t in the mood to go alone to this one because I wouldn’t know a lot of people there so I would really be alone.

But I was going because I was happy for the couple and wanted to celebrate their union.  I was also cranky, though, for the reasons I just stated.  I knew what I was going to wear, but once I got dressed I was underwhelmed with the look.  It was just ok.  I didn’t have time to change into a new outfit so I just changed my shoes.  That change mad all the difference in the world!  My outfit went from “passable” to “great”.  It was the shoes.  My legs looked great, dress flowed differently.  Changed my whole attitude.  

I strutted into the wedding, smiled and said my hellos, danced a few dances, and had the good sense to leave early when I started to get bored.  I was fully in control.  And that’s why this is the Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week.

Do you have a Spinsterlicious Shoe story that you’re willing to share?  A story where the shoes made the difference?  When you knew you were hot?  When they changed your attitude?  Write me with a story and a picture of the shoe at eleanore@TheSpinsterliciousLife.com

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