T-Minus Two Months: Countdown to Oz

So now that my move to Australia is definitely happening and I have a signed contract and a (tentative) start date, it’s sinking in what this really means:  I have 1000 things I need to make happen before I leave. “It’s only slightly overwhelming” I say both confidently and sarcastically.


For the last two years, I have been talking about getting rid of so much of the stuff that I’ve accumulated throughout the many years I’ve been alive, but it never really happened. I regularly pull out stuff to get rid and then come up with a reason why I should hang onto it awhile longer.


shoe pile

shoe pile

It’s funny, though. Once I did the math of how much it costs to store or ship this stuff, making the decision to let it go became much easier.   In one day, I dropped off 9 bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories at the Salvation Army.  And, with the help of my dear friend, Benilde, I sent 6 large boxes of books, housewares, and electronics to a Veteran’s organization.  And I’m just getting started!


I’m enjoying fantasizing about my new residence in Sydney. Something minimalist and open…which is a curious twist because there’s nothing minimalist about the way I live now.  So, I had a fun lunch with some Aussie co-workers who helped me narrow down neighborhoods I might like to live in.

Sydney neighborhoods I'll start focusing on

Sydney neighborhoods I’ll start focusing on

The hope is to find something sufficiently close to my job in North Sydney AND robust enough to keep me happy after hours and on weekends..meaning restaurants, shopping, and stuff to do, indoors and outdoors.


I went to a great party a few weeks ago.

JALC party

JALC party

While enjoying the festivities, I noticed a pretty good-looking guy looking my way. When we made eye contact, he smiled, nodded, and lifted his champagne glass to me. Under normal circumstances, I would have responded in kind and maybe even gone over to him. This time, I froze for a second and then looked away. “Oh no”, I’m thinking, “this is no time to fall in love”. Dramatically, I took it all the way to love, when it could have ended after a conversation. But I’m taking no chances. The reason I was able to so easily take advantage of this  opportunity is because I have no husband or children to get in the way. I’m certainly not going to start complicating things now with this handsome stranger.


One of the great things about going to Australia, as opposed to, say France, is that I don’t have to learn a new language.  Yet, in a way, I do. Technically, it’s all English, but half the time I have no idea what the Aussies in my office are talking about.  In fact, I have  a chart at my desk to help me decipher the language of a particular Australian who sat next to me




I’m not happy about having to  learn the metric system…and how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.

But I’m really looking forward to:

– The food.  I hear it’s great.

-And that work:life balance isn’t even a concept there –like it is in America.  It’s just naturally the way they live!

  • images-1and this! (Click on link, for a smile)


Eleanore 2.0!!

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2 Responses to T-Minus Two Months: Countdown to Oz

  1. Betsy Adcock says:

    I haven’t read your blog in awhile–sounds like lots as been happening! I think it is FANTASTIC that you are taking this opportunity for what might just be an adventure of a lifetime! I have been to Australia and you will love it–the people are so warm and friendly, the continent is beautiful and you will have so much time to explore. Enjoy your adventure-I hope you will still blog some while you are there as it would be great to hear about your down under exploits. But most of all, enjoy yourself and HAVE FUN!!!!

    PS–So sorry to hear about your sweet little dog passing. I know that must have been very hard.

  2. 101anda says:

    Eleanore – you might like to live on the same side of Sydney harbour as you are working …… so why not look into places like

    North Sydney
    Neutral Bay

    They are rather upmarket, can be near water, near a lot of restaurants and social places that are busy 7 days a week. Keep these in mind too ….. please!

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