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Life Milestones for the Modern Day Single Lady

Every popular woman’s  magazine has, at some point, run an article about things a woman should know by a certain age or lifestage. One of my favorites, by Pamela Redmond Safran, ran in Glamour Magazine.  It’s a smart and fun list of her take on life’s milestones for the 30-year-old woman. But there’s another list “out … Continue reading

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My Hollywood Happening

Last week I had the good fortune to hang out in Los Angeles for a few days.  I flew out for a book-signing for my book —The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for Living Happily Single and Childfree— hosted by Kolu Boutique(which is actually in Venice, CA), my dear friend, Joni who works there,  Jane (the … Continue reading

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Travel Tuesday: Chicks That Trip

For many women, one of the downsides of being single is the desire to travel but having no one to go with.  Traveling without some or at least one of your favorite people can be daunting, but it can also be freeing and fun (see Lori’s Cuba). This week’s guest post is by Chante Owens, seasoned … Continue reading

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Slightly X-rated and Possibly Helpful

As you probably know, I (just like all bloggers) receive requests to review products, services, and websites from time-to-time. I say “no” to most of them because I try to stick to those that are related to living happily single and that I think my readers will appreciate. So I said “no” to a request to … Continue reading

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