The Airport Meet/Meat Market?

I’ve been traveling a lot for business lately and I’m spending way too much time in airports.  It seems that flights these days rarely take off when they’re supposed to.  Much of my travel is between NYC and Chicago, two super-busy travel hubs and I’ve learned to just assume there’s going to be a big delay.  

Most days,  I make my way to the Airline Lounge because it makes being delayed a little less painful.  The Lounges are more pleasant surroundings, there’s decent food and drink available and even free coffee and cookies!  They’re spacious with a number of seating options, from living room-like arrangements to cafe tables to workstations. And no lines at the restrooms.  They’re certainly a much more pleasant place to bide one’s time than sitting at the gate. 

And you know what else?  They’re full of men.  I hadn’t thought about this until a friend mentioned it to me, because I’m usually too busy pouting that I can’t get to where I’m going to even notice.  But once I did notice, I wondered if I could use some of this “forced free time” to scout the fellas.  Why not?  If he’s in the Lounge he probably has a job so that’s a pretty good first step.

So the other day, instead of sitting at a workstation answering emails and being annoyed that I was stuck in an airport, I sat at the bar.  I ordered a salad and a glass of wine and was soon chatting with the guy who sat down next to me.  Turns out we were both waiting for the same flight so we killed the time with another glass of wine (this time, on him).  He was an entertainment lawyer and we wasted a little time laughing about pop culture and some of his clients and celebrities-for-no-reason that we see and read so much about.  He was well-informed, funny …and married.  That’s ok.  He was a great companion for two hours and made the delay a lot more tolerable.   

So I think that’ll be my new modus operandi when I’m stranded in an airport.  Sharing a drink at the bar with a gentleman certainly beats pouting over my computer by myself.  Thanks American Airlines!

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