The Spinsterlicious Life 2012 Round-up: Winners and Duds



images-6Happy New Year, everybody!  2012 was a great Spinsterlicious year, and I’m looking forward to lots of goodness in 2013.  Among the highlights:

I always like to look back over my blog posts for the year to see what’s trending, which ones people respond to, and which ones they ignore (ouch!).  And, of course, the comments from my readers always give me something to think about…so thank you!

So here’s the round-up for my 2012 blog posts:

The Most Popular

The blog posts with the most readers this year addressed where women-of-a-certain-age go to meet men, why the whole “single and happy” things pisses off some people, and whether separate bedrooms are good for the relationship.



The Most Comments

It seems like the Most Popular posts and the ones with the Most Comments would be the same, but that’s only true some of the time.  Two of the Most Popular blog posts were among those with the Most Comments, but two were not.  And one of them was a guest post, so many thanks to Nissa for choosing a topic that’s on a lot of people’s minds!


The Least Interesting

Hmmm.  I getting the feeling you guys don’t like the Featured Posts: Fab Friday Favs where I write about stuff I like, nor Travel Tuesdays where I write about my passion for traveling.  How come y’all don’t like these? I think they’re fun, but clearly I’m in the minority.


The Least Interesting…Even With  Prizes!

And we had a sweepstakes with some really cool prizes for National Singles Week.  Participation was good, but it wasn’t fantastic.  I’d love to know why.  Seriously.












So, one thing that’s clear to me –and that I love– is that my Spinsterlicious readers are not predictable!  They are interesting and funny and smart and opinionated…and they don’t like sweepstakes.  (Huh?)  Thank you so much for another year of your support!

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8 Responses to The Spinsterlicious Life 2012 Round-up: Winners and Duds

  1. Nissa says:

    Hi Ladies –
    Congrats to Eleanor for her publishing success and Blogher award. Yay you! I was also pleased to see the spirited opinions on my guest post; it’s always good to have stirring debate.

    As to your less popular stuff, I went back and re-read them. I don’t think there is anything amiss there. For me, 2012 was another year in the Decade of the Budget. Because I’m eating cheap/for comfort, I don’t always focus on health (as the ta-ta post described). While I would love to travel and would do so alone (or w/a group of near strangers), it’s 1) out of my budget and 2) I don’t have sitters for my critters and my Dad. Perhaps this is why the sweepstakes was not as popular. Even if I won a contest, I probably wouldn’t be able to go (cash is still accepted*smile*).

    Overall, I think I enjoy most the posts that reflect what I am experiencing (lifestyle, expectations, opportunities) and seeing solutions to our common experiences. Keep them coming!

  2. Lisa says:

    Awww, as a travel blogger, I was sad to hear that Travel Tuesdays weren’t a hit, but solo travel is trending upward now so who knows. I still believe that travel experiences are at the top of life’s most fulfilling and such a great way to build confidence and knowledge. Don’t give up on the topic!

  3. SuzyKnew says:

    Thank you for reminding me what I need to talk to my contractor about: building a separate bedroom for my future husband… if one ever shows up!

  4. Anna B says:

    I bet you’re a good cook so, I agree, tell us more about how to cook for 1.

  5. Cheri says:

    Hey Eleanor, I do enjoy most of your posts, but don’t reply/respond to many because they just don’t really apply. For example, travelling alone is just not something I’d ever do, no matter how great the destination. Also, I really enjoyed your favorite things posts, but they just didn’t apply to me. Reviewing cosmetics and shoes is such a niche topic, and I’m sure your audience is very broad. Now if you want to write a review on a cool kitchen gadget or all natural products, I’m all ears! Frugal tips and tricks are always welcomed, also. Overall, I enjoy your posts and appreciate the time and effort you put into writing them. And just because we don’t always post replies, doesn’t mean we aren’t reading and enjoying. 🙂

  6. Dee says:

    I think it’s good to shake it up with different content. Not everything will be a hit, but some things will spark more interest than others. I enjoy your blog — keep up the great work!

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