The Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week

I’m into shoes. (See earlier posting “The Joy of High Heels). I care way more about the shoes I’m wearing than any outfit. In fact, I usually get dressed from the bottom up: what shoes do I want to wear –> what goes with them?

Here’s my Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week story: I was on a second date with a handsome Italian. It’s almost ridiculous how much he fit the stereotype: dark, handsome, stylishly outfitted in well-fitting Italian designer clothes, and just enough of an accent that everything he said sounded sexy and wonderful.

We met on and had a nice, but short, first date a few days before. We met for brunch but he was late and I couldn’t linger so we ate quickly and agreed to get together again soon…and we actually did. I was looking forward to it.

He got to the restaurant first, and when I spotted him he was even more handsome than I remembered. He stood to greet me, hugged me, and sniffed my neck just a bit. A very sexy move. We fell into easy conversation and at one point, he asked me what I had done that day. I had been shopping and was wearing the shoes I bought. He said “let me see them”. I lifted my foot a bit; he reached down, slipped his hand in the instep of the shoe and caressed my foot. Aaaah. It was amazing.

And that memory is the reason I chose this shoe as the Spinsterlicious Shoe for this week.

Do you have a Spinsterlicious Shoe story you’d like to share? To be considered for the Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week, write me at with your story and a picture of the shoe.
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8 Responses to The Spinsterlicious Shoe-of-the-Week

  1. Amy. says:

    I love the shoe story! Once I was at a self serve coffee counter and a nice looking man was there fixing his coffee… I had filled my paper cup with coffee and I put it down on the counter to reach for some creamers. Without a word this gentleman lifted my cup and slipped the heat protective sleeve on it and just smiled. Ahhhhhh such a subtle but sexy, gracious move!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You really should stop posting pictures of your feet. They are all wrinkly and look like old leather handbags, which is pretty remarkable since most people's feet aren't constantly exposed to UV rays like other body parts are.

    Think about getting more in touch with reality soon…

  3. trixie says:

    thats pretty great. i hope you keep him around for a third date.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that is a hot move! I definitely want to hear more.

  5. asc says:

    ummm please see that man again…at least, for me 😉
    the hand to instep move – oh that's a move right there… be ready girl, cuz he certainly is 😉

  6. eleanore says:

    @Annerie: I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. I totally agree about the Bachelor/Bachelorette thing. Bachelor says “eligible, exercising choice”. Bachelorette says “young, partying”. We need a grown-up word. Until someone comes up with a better one, I'm putting the spin on Spinster!

  7. annerie says:

    Just got turned on to your blog. Love it. I was just thinking the other day why we can't have the equivalent of title bachelor for women. Bachelorette does not get it! Bachelor says to me, I am a eligible man who has chosen not to be attached to someone and I enjoy this life.

  8. Love this post. Those are some bad shoes and your date sounds divine. I hope y0u go out with him again.

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