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“Travel Tips” Tuesday: Lori’s Cuba

My friend, Lori, and I have an ongoing lighthearted disagreement about being single.  She likes to say “I’m not Spinsterlicious because I don’t like being single.”  I always laugh because whether she likes being single or not, the reality is that she is.  Whether single by choice or circumstance, I believe a woman owes herself a … Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Kids. There. I Said It.

Last week I received an interesting email from a reader about some of the dynamics behind being childfree. She has observed that women who have chosen to be childfree often feel the need to profess how much they love and enjoy kids, but that they just don’t want any. Her question was: “Where are all the … Continue reading

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When Broccoli Rabe = Freedom!

This has been a fantastic week.  It’s my annual pilgrimage to Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the coast of Massachusetts. Every year I rent a house with 4-5 Spinsterlicious girlfriends and we beach, eat lobster rolls, drink cocktails at breakfast, and hang out at the club like we’re still young and carefree. While here, I had … Continue reading

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Who Says Girls Can’t Play Nice…and Other Musings.

Every now and then I’ll read or hear someone say something along the lines of “women aren’t nice to each other”, “I don’t trust women”, “women are always in competition with other women”, and, of course “women are bitches”. And we’re all familiar with the concept of mean girls. There probably is a modicum of truth … Continue reading

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Yes! A Spinsterlicious, Luscious Life: Radio Interview

Last week I had a fun radio interview with Yolanda Shoshana on her Luscious Life radio show about making the most of your single life…if you’re single just for the time being or forever. Either way, it oughta be a good one!   Please listen in and check back here to leave a comment. You know … Continue reading

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Her Husband, The Jerk

Last weekend I went to a dear friend’s birthday party. It was held in her big, fabulous house in the suburbs.  It being in the suburbs is relevant only because that’s where I’m most likely to find parties made up of all couples…and me. Actually there were two other single women there, but we were a … Continue reading

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How Many Ways to Be Single? (A Guest Post)

Lately, my dear friend, Debra, has been thinking a lot about the many single women she knows, the ways they are single (e.g., never married, divorced, single moms) and what it all means.   Here, let her tell you… In her own words: Last week two very similar things happened virtually simultaneously. While talking on the … Continue reading

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Wedding Survival Tips

  I’m wasting a perfectly good Saturday this weekend to attend a wedding.  I always have such mixed feelings about these things.  The bride and groom are good friends of mine and I’m happy they’ve found each other (a success story), but weddings usually bore me:  it’s like watching the same play over and over, … Continue reading

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Two Weekends in a Spinsterlicious Life

Oh, the Spinsterlicious Life.  It’s a mixture of all things good and interesting in life…and delightful juxtapositions.   Weekend #1 Last weekend, I spent some time with three fab single ladies and it was just refreshing to see each of them doing their own thing, having crafted pretty nice lives for themselves.  I see this all … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Separate Bedrooms?

  A couple of weeks ago I ruined an almost-date.  I was standing in line waiting to go into an event when a guy standing behind me, struck up a conversation.  We chatted for quite awhile and eventually got around to his divorce.  I don’t recall the details but I do recall his look of horror … Continue reading

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The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone

As long as I’ve been an adult, I’ve loved living alone.  I got my first apartment shortly after college.  It was a cute little studio apartment that had very little furniture: a bed frame and mattress, a table set, and a tv that sat on milk crates.  It was like heaven to me. I’ve had roommates … Continue reading

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“I am so over this single thing”. This is a text message I received late the other night.  The sender is my good friend, Jackie, who would appear — from the outside– to be the epitome of Spinsterliciousness (even though she, technically, isn’t a Spinster).   She’s a good-looking chick, a well-paid marketing executive who takes … Continue reading

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The Blessing That is a Curse

I look a lot younger than my age.  I feel I do but, more importantly, lots of other people feel I do and they tell me so all the time.  Now, one thing I’ve noticed is that everybody tells a woman over 40 that she looks younger than her age…even when she doesn’t.  It’s kind of … Continue reading

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There is No Debate

What does Charlee– marketing communications whiz and long-time friend– think of all this single vs. married talk?  Well…I’ll let her tell you: In Charlee’s words: Ok, I understand it.  I have often indulged in it.  I’ve probably heard every angle and argument for both sides of the issue.  So it should be no surprise when I … Continue reading

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